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Ahmad sfandiaris Selected Paintings

25 works at exhibited in Shams Art Gallery

Estimate: 100,000 Rls

The Ahmad sfandiaris Selected Paintings



Ahmad Esfandiari
Born in 1922 in Tehran
-Graduated in Painting major from Fine art faculty of Tehran university
-Several solo and group exhibitions inside and outside of Iran
He is one of the least Iranian artists whose names are in Larousse encyclopedia.
Esfandiari was quite self motivated and following painting without any teachers. As his father sees his eagerness, takes him to learn from one student of Kamalolmolks. "I didnt know that easel is required for painting and it has a special paper too." Esfandiari says. When he saw my complete painting, marvelously said: This boy doesnt need any masters. They registered me on fine arts faculty. It was the second year that this faculty was established and registering students. To get entered diploma and passing the drawing test were required. The subject was a sculpture of a gladiator. I hadnt painted by Carbon till that time. I got the second grade on that test. Vishkayi got the first and Yektayi the third. Hamidi, Ziapoor, Shokooh Riazi, Mrs. Angha and Kazemi were before me. Abdollah Ameri, Javadi Poor and I graduated together.
Although most of the professors at the university were Kamalolmolks clients, Esfandiari was affected by the French masters. He was gradually doing abstracts, but he was interested in painting from nature in impressionism and post-impressionism methods....