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Photo Tehran Expo 92

Pages: 476, Glossy & Colored

Estimate: 500,000 Rls

The Photo Tehran Expo 92



Photo Tehran Expo 2013

After the declaration for photo expo, we started selecting works and after five months we could select 238 photos by 238 photographers out of 2000 photos by 410 artists. This welcome for the second year was really great and important.
There are free concepts in different genre such as decoration, photomontage, portraite, painting, arcitecture and theatre.
This expo is happy to discover the unknown talents in contemporary art for the second year.
These young artists have captured some bright moments by photography through a new modern vision that can be a new expression of their lives.
Also two french artists have participated. One of them in vedeo-art part  and the other one in photo-painting by a Persian theme.
This is another part of the attractiveness of the expo.
The catalogue is presented in high quality as the same as previous one by a precise graphic and publishment. In this catalogue one page includes the image of the work and the page beside is the biography of the artist.
The expo will be held in all galleries of Honarmandan house and we have especial thanks to Dr. Sarsangi the managing director, Dr. Ardalan and Mr. J Haghighatshenas as they sympathised and helped this expo be held for the second year.
Hopefully Shams artgallery will be assisted to hold such expos in order to remaine permanent in this cultural way.

Ali Jamshidi