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Ali Jamshidi / B.1963 / Artist & Director of Shams Art Gallery


1991 Tehran Biennial in Contemporary Art Museum
1991 Tehran Expertise exhibition of expert painting
1991 First solo Exhibition in Tehran, Sun House
1992 Carpet design exposition in international exhibition inn Tehran
1993 Tehran international carpet expo / Tehran
1993 expertisa carpet expo / Tehran
2005 Solo Exhibition / Shams Art Gallery / Tehran
2007 Molana Roomi Exhibition in Unesco / Paris
2008 Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artist / Gallery Artitude / Paris
2014 Solo Exhibition / Gallery 89 / Paris

Ali Jamshidi in Auctions

2008 Charity Auction Tamani
2011 Vente Aux Encheres au profit d' Aucton Contre la faim
2014 Giafferi Auction

Art Festival in Tehran

2008 Calligraphy Festival "Beshno Az Nei", Niavaran community center, Tehran
2013 The First Tehran Photo Expo, Iran Artists House. (76 Photographers Participated)
2013 The Second Tehran Photo Expo, (More than 220 Iranian Photographers & Two French Photographers Participated).
2014 The Exhibition titled "Iranian Miniature The French Painters", fifteen French Artist painted Miniature.
Shams Art Gallery in Paris
2007 Molana Celebration / Unesco
2008 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy-Painting / Artitude Gallery
2009 Cencent by Shajarian and Shahnaz Ensemble in Paris
2011 Parviz Kalantari Exhibition
2011 Exhibition by Iranian Contemporary Artists in title of "EFFECT"
2011 Calligraphy-Painting Exhibition of Nasrollah Afjei
2012 Painting Exhibition by Nasser Ovissi
2014 Group Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Artists in Maurice Bejart.
2012 Memorable Arts Exhibition
2012 Painting Exhibition by Mohammad Ali Sadjadi
2012 4th "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition
2013 5th "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition
2013 1st Photo Tehran Expo
2013 2nd Photo Tehran Expo
2014 6th "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition

Shams Art Gallery in Tehran

2005 Naghsh –e- Eshgh / Emboss painting by Ali Jamshidi
2005 Calligraphy Exhibition by Amir Ahmad Falsafi & Elahe Khatami
2005 Reverse Glass Painting by Mahin Azima
2006 Painting Exhibition by Arab Ali Sherveh
2006 Exhibition of Combinative Faces
2006 Calligraphy Exhibition by Hamid Ajami
2006 Calligraphy – Painting Group Exhibition
2006 Exhibition on Qajar Photos
2006 Calligraphy Exhibition by Mohammad Mahmoudi
2006 Calligraphy Exhibition by Mohammad Haydari
2006 Calligraphy Group Exhibition
2006 Painting Exhibition by Saeid Moayerizadeh & Hengameh Sadri
2007 Calligraphy-Painting Exhibition by Nasrollah Afjei
2007 Painting Group Exhibition
2007 Calligraphy Exhibition by Yadollah Kaboli
2007 Calligraphy-Painting Exhibition by Hossein Kashian
2007 Calligraphy Exhibition by Amir Ahmad Falsafi
2007 Watercolor Painting Exhibition by Mojdeh Dowlatkia
2007 Calligraphy Group Exhibition
2007 Painting & Sewing Exhibition by Mansour Rafiei
2008 "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition
2008 Ghahvekhaneh Painting Exhibition
2008 "Beshno Az Nay" Calligraphy Group Exhibition
2008 Calligraphy Exhibition by Alireza Kadkhoadei
2008 Calligraphy-Painting Exhibition by Hadi Roshanzamir
2009 Exhibition Titled " A Collection for all Seasons"
2009 Painting Exhibition by Loya Ghafouri
2009 Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition by Sadegh Tabrizi
2009 Reverse Glass Painting Exhibition by Mahin Azima
2009 Paing Exhibition by Ahmad Esfandiari & Manouchehr Tavanfar
2009 Painting Exhibition by Parviz Kalantari
2009 Painting Exhibition by Kako
2010 Painting Exhibition by Ahmad Esfandiari
2010 "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition
2010 Calligraphy – Painting Exhibition by Yousef Rezaei
2010 Painting Exhibition by Hedi Fayazi
2011 "Autumn Collection" Group Exhibition
2011 Painting Exhibition by Faramarz Mokhtarpour
2011 Wooden Sculpture Exhibition by Sedigheh Kashkouli
2012 Painting Exhibition by Niloufar Babakhanian
2012 Memorable Arts Exhibition
2012 Painting Exhibition by Mohammad Ali Sajjadi
2012 4th Autumn Collection Group Exhibition
2013 5th Autumn Collection Group Exhibition
2014 6th Autumn Collection Group Exhibition

2015 7th Autumn Collection Group Exhibition

2015 Recycled Arts - Curator: Zeinab Eivazkhani
2016 Art; Tradition & Modernism
2016 Raga Pot; Mohammad Ali Sajjadi Exhibition
2016 8th Autumn Group Exhibition