Ali Jamshidi A Remarkable Journey in Art and Critique
Ali Jamshidi A Remarkable Journey in Art and Critique
Born on November 24, 1963, Ali Jamshidi is an accomplished artist, art critic, and the visionary behind Shams Gallery. His artistic journey commenced in 1972 at the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, where he began nurturing his passion for creativity.
Throughout his career, Jamshidi has delved into the intricacies of various artistic styles, gaining profound insights into traditional Iranian art forms spanning from the Safavid to Qajar eras. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, including the exquisite art of miniature painting, the finesse of illumination, the intricacies of carpet design, and the timeless beauty of calligraphy. His mastery in these domains is underscored by his prestigious advanced degree in calligraphy from the Iranian Calligraphers Association.
Ali Jamshidi's professional journey took flight in 1991, marked by his inaugural solo exhibition hosted at the Khaneh Aftab Gallery. His contributions to the post-revolution era were noteworthy, with participation in the inaugural post-revolution biennial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1992 and engagement in the Iranian Contemporary Artists' Expo in the same year.
His dedication to preserving and advancing Iranian art led him to engage in extensive research spanning from the Safavid era to the contemporary landscape. A notable highlight of his career was his role as an educator, teaching the nuances of traditional art design at the University of Art in Tehran.
In 2005, Ali Jamshidi realized a long-held dream with the establishment of Shams Gallery, a platform that would come to showcase the work of contemporary Iranian artists. The gallery quickly became a beacon for artistic expression and exploration, hosting exhibitions that resonated with art enthusiasts and critics alike.
His creative prowess extended to diverse mediums, with his calligraphy, painting, design, and drawing gracing exhibitions across Tehran, Paris, Dubai, and London. His artistic odyssey even touched the commemoration of Rumi's 800th birth anniversary in Paris.
Ali Jamshidi's influence rippled beyond his personal exhibitions. He orchestrated a solo exhibition titled "Iranian Colors" in Paris in 2014 and orchestrated exhibitions that celebrated calligraphy, photography, and painting in Tehran and Paris. His critical insights found voice in both Iranian and French art publications, where his analytical articles offered unique perspectives on contemporary art.
Notably, he took the helm in managing and organizing concerts featuring the legendary Mohammad Reza Shajarian in Paris in 2009, 2011, and 2015. His dedication to cultural expression led him to curate an intriguing mask exhibition as part of the Cannes Festival's 70th anniversary celebrations in France.
In 2019, Jamshidi's commitment to fostering artistic exchange between Iran and the world culminated in exhibitions that showcased renowned Iranian artists and photographers in Paris. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, he adeptly guided Iranian art enthusiasts through the rich tapestry of significant exhibitions in France.
Ali Jamshidi's biography is a testament to his enduring passion for art, his commitment to its preservation, and his tireless efforts to bridge cultural divides through creative expression. His journey continues to inspire, enrich, and illuminate the world of art.




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